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Dry granulator uses the latest roll control technology
Publish:2020-10-26 19:12:30 Visit:2496

Future Machinery takes intelligent wet granulator, automatic dry granulator, high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, and three major series as its leading products. Advanced research and development level and excellent after-sales service provide high-quality pharmaceutical products for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire about wet granulator, dry granulator and aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine.

    The dry granulator uses the latest rolling control technology. The control device of this equipment can adjust any physical property fluctuations between different materials and different batches of the same material, so that the process parameters of the dry granulator can be adjusted accurately and repeatedly , So as to efficiently produce high-quality particles. Dry granulation technology can be completed by roller flat-press granulator. A traditional Chinese medicine extract with a certain relative density is spray-dried to obtain a dry extract powder. After adding certain auxiliary materials, it is pressed into thin slices with a dry extrusion granulator and then crushed into particles. This method requires less auxiliary materials, which is beneficial to improve the stability, disintegration and dispersibility of the particles.

  The dry granulator then granulates by shaking the granulator. The process is simplified, the pellets can be used directly after they come out, no drying is required, manpower and material resources are saved, and work efficiency can be greatly improved. There is no need to add other adhesives. For more viscous materials, it solves the materials that cannot be made by conventional wet methods, and some materials require that other adhesives cannot be added. In order to solve these problems that cannot be solved by various wet methods, It is another feasible and good way. The dry granulator has a low temperature rise during the production process, which is very suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

   Dry granulator He uses a mixing paddle to stir and mix the powder and binder into a wet soft material, which is cut into wet "soft material" particles by a high-speed crushing knife. This method is currently widely used. The imperfections of its equipment and technology: a large amount of adhesives are needed, and the sewage generated by cleaning pollutes the environment. In addition, the prepared wet granules have a wide and uneven mesh size distribution and many fine powders. They are generally used for tablet filling and capsule filling. The quality of the intermediate product is improved to produce uniform particles, suitable for looseness, narrow particle size distribution, round shape, good fluidity, and small color difference between particles, which can prepare the required particles.