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Main features of dry granulator
Publish:2020-10-28 15:31:22 Visit:2861

Future Machinery takes intelligent wet granulator, automatic dry granulator, high-speed aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine, and three major series as its leading products. Advanced research and development level and excellent after-sales service provide high-quality pharmaceutical products for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. Welcome to inquire about wet granulator, dry granulator and aluminum-plastic blister packaging machine.

Dry granulation is to press the powder mixture into large tablets and then pulverize the granules to form granules of the required size, which is suitable for heat and humidity sensitive drugs. The main features of the dry granulator are less equipment required, small floor space, time-saving and labor-saving. At the same time, since no binder is used in the granulation, the tablets are easy to disintegrate. The disadvantage is that the "dust" is serious during tablet compression, which is easy to cause cross contamination, and the dissolution rate of compressed particles is slow, so it is not suitable for water-soluble drugs.